Industrial Thermal Spray Coatings

What is Thermal Spray?

Thermal spray is the process of heating metal substance particles causing material buildup while not compromising base material strength. Also known as metal spray or metalizing.

Thermal Spray is used for many purposes, from salvaging mismachined parts, repairing worn bearing/seal surfaces to providing corrosion resistance. It can be applied by High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), twin arc or plasma spray. It drastically extends application service life by exceeding OEM requirements at a fraction of the price.

Coating Types

Carbide - Applied via HVOF producing a dense, high PSI bond strength, low porosity coating. Carbide allows for excellent resistance against abrasive wear with a 1000+ HV hardness. Used as hard chrome replacement for hydraulic applications, piston rod repair and valve protection.

Metal/Alloy - Commonly used to restore dimensions of mismachined/worn surfaces via arc spray. Works against corrosion, slide wear and creates high temperature resistance. Typical materials include stainless steel, nickel aluminum, zinc, babbit and bronze.

Ceramic - Excellent coating for thermal barrier, heat transfer and corrosion protection applied via plasma spray. Applications include automotive performance coatings, marine propellers, centrifugal pumps and impellers and chemical resistance.

Custom thermal spray coating options are available to meet specific criteria.

Thermal Spray Applications

Chemical Resistance - Corrosion Protection - Erosion Resistance - Hard Chrome Replacement - Electrical Insulation - Repair & Dimensional Restoration - Surface Traction - Thermal Barrier - Wear & Abrasion Resistance